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What is Included on an Antrek Trek?


Most of our guides are local, experienced guides who have worked with Antrek for many years. They speak Basic English.


A helper will be present on the trek to assist with camp duties.


We will organise for everything to be carried between camp sites, you will only need to carry what you need during the day. Depending on the trek we will use porters, ponies or vehicles. Please keep your valuables with you at all times.


One liter of mineral water will be provided on the first day. After that unlimited boiled water will be provided while camping. You will need to have sufficient containers to carry the water you need for the day. Please bring your own sterilizing tablets if you wish to use any.


While trekking all your food will is provided. Your guide and helper will together cook your food which will be varied and include fresh vegetables when possible. All food will be vegetarian but there will be plenty of eggs and cheese. Breakfast is typically eggs, bread, jam, cheese, fresh fruit and porridge. Lunch will be cold: boiled eggs, chocolate, bread, jam, cheese and fruit juice. Usually a snack will be given when you reach camp: noodles or chips. Dinner will be a three course meal, usually Indian.


We have modern genuine North Face dome tents, warm Swiss army down sleeping bags and thick roll mats with cotton covers.


Wherever possible we will use our own vehicles which are modern, well maintained Scorpio jeeps. Sometimes taxi union vehicles will be used.

First Aid

Our staff carries basic first aid and has limited medical knowledge. It is our experience that trekkers prefer to use their own and we therefore recommend you bring your own first aid kit.

What you should bring:


Depending on the trek sports shoes or good trekking boots are required. Thick socks provide comfort and increased ankle support.

Warm Clothes

Warm clothes and a waterproof jacket are important. Both a woolen hat and a sun hat are useful. We have some coats we can lend.


It is recommended that you take some small snacks to eat while you are walking. Nuts and dried fruit are excellent and easily bought in Manali.


Please bring your own toilet paper and any other toiletries you need. Sun screen is recommended.

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