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Travel Essentials

Our trips and tours of India are experiences that no traveler will forget. Although we provide you with many facilities, there are a few things which you need to bring yourself. Here is our list of essentials which we suggest you bring.


A good bag is essential and we advise soft bags, preferably rucksack style as they are far easier for both you and us to transport. It is also a good idea to bring a day bag which you can keep the essentials and your valuables in.


Almost all areas of the states are incredibly rural so we advise that you bring clothes which you don't mind getting a bit dirty. Although the climate is warm throughout the days, temperatures drop at night especially if you are heading to high altitudes so remember to bring warm clothes too. It is best to bring layers so that you can adjust your body temperature accordingly, such as a few t-shirts, a long-sleeved top and a fleece. You will also need a good waterproof coat.

Travelers should also remember that modest clothing is most appropriate in India so loose fitting clothes which cover your shoulders and knees are best.


Anyone planning on trekking should bring along a reliable pair of sturdy boots which offer good ankle support as many tracks and paths cross rough and difficult terrain- if you can, make sure that your boots are comfortable worn in before you arrive to prevent blisters and rubbing. As well as boots, invest in some good quality walking socks which will also make your travels more comfortable. It is also a good idea to bring along a pair of flip flops or sandals for easier going days.

Sleeping Bag

We can provide warm, good quality sleeping bags. However, if you have a suitable bag (at high altitude temperatures drop very low) bring it along, especially if you will be staying in tented accommodation.


It is best to bring your own toiletries as we cannot guarantee that hotels will provide them, this includes your own supply of toilet roll.


If you are traveling with us at Antrek, the travel, accommodation and food will all be pre-paid. However, you may need money for extras such as tips, alcohol, extra snacks and souvenirs. It may be sensible to change some of this into rupees as in remote locations it will be difficult to change currencies.


Of course, remember your camera and a notebook to keep track of your adventure! We also recommend that you bring your own water sterilization tablets and a first aid kit; although our guides carry these and are trained in basic first aid we have found that most travelers prefer to carry their own. An umbrella is also handy in case you get swept up in a rainstorm. Travelers should remember that much of the accommodation throughout India is fairly basic so do not expect five start luxury for the duration of your trip. Also, anyone wishing to engage in strenuous activity should ensure that they are physically fit enough to enjoy themselves.

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